Conference language is English. Therefore, all conference contributions (talks, speed talks, posters, proceedings) must be presented in English.

Some guidelines to pay attention to:

  • Abstracts should be in Microsoft Word text format
  • Use Arial font, size 11
  • Abstract title should be in capital, bold letters
  • Abstract title should be as short as possible
  • Do not give scientific names in the title
  • Author names, with the presenting author first, should be given on a separate line
  • Give the email address of the presenting author and affiliations (university, agency etc. and country) of all authors, using numbers as in the example
  • The abstract text should specify the study question, main findings and conclusions plus any recommendations
  • Keep methods as short as possible
  • Apply capitals as follows: 'Short-toed Treecreeper', but note 'shorebirds'
  • Give scientific names (in italics) at first mention in the abstract text
  • The abstract text should not exceed 300 words


Until 30 April 2016, the Scientific Programme Committee will decide on the acceptance of submissions. Expect a notice after that date.

Submissions, which can not be accepted as a talk / speed talk are automatically registered as a poster.

After being accepted:

  • Accepted speakers are required to provide their final presentation to the registration desk at the latest one day before they are scheduled
  • The preferred format is PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint, Office 2010 or older versions) or PDF
  • Each speaker will have 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation + 5 minutes for the questions), speed talks are shorter (5 minutes, no discussion)
  • For your poster presentation at the conference note our Poster Specifications
    [78 kb]
    . You may also consider to use our Poster Template
    [188 kb]

All submissions must be provided online through your account.

Please note the specified deadlines.

All participants with accepted talks / posters are strongly encouraged to also contribute to the conference proceedings.



Ruud Foppen1, David Noble2, Oskar Keiss3, Henning Heldbjerg4

1 SOVON Dutch Centre for Ornithology, the Netherlands (e-mail address); 2 British Trust for Ornithology, UK; 3 University of Latvia, Latvia; 4 Dansk Ornitogisk Forening, Denmark



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